'What Holds You Together?' at Ben Oakley Gallery, London

3rd March – 19th March 2017

A solo exhibition of contemporary sculpture and mixed media by Patrick Colhoun.


‘What Holds You Together?’ is the artist’s second solo London exhibition and is a marked departure from the work of the 2015 ‘Solitary’ exhibitions in Belfast, Dublin and London.


This exhibition, and hence the title, is borne largely from the artist’s observation that most people need something to help cope with everyday life and function within society. That something could be family, a fetish, religion, alcohol, drugs, the family dog, or something else. For the artist, it turns out to be the making process itself. The process of turning thoughts and feelings into actual tangible objects.


This new body of work is based largely around the desire of the artist to return to working with abstract forms. The artist also draws from previous work in terms of the material and methods used for fixing the pieces together. Unconventional material such as hosiery and cable tries remain. The simple abstract aesthetic of the ceramic tablet forms, allied with the various fixing methods leads to the simple question, What Holds You Together?