'zeropointsixsixrecurring...' at Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

1st November - 22nd December 2018

A solo exhibition of contemporary sculpture and mixed media by Patrick Colhoun.


‘zeropointsixsixrecurring…’ For the artist it is a realization about reaching a point in life. It is about taking stock and learning lessons, letting certain things go and placing more importance in certain other things. About reminiscing and looking forward. In terms of work, ‘zeropintsixsixrecurring…’ is about reaching a point where all influences from previous exhibitions come together.


In terms of materials, ceramic remains at the core of everything. For the artist, there has to be a hand-made integrity about the core of the work. It mirrors the craftsmanship of the inlayed, hardwood fine furniture that his father, a life-long civil servant would make in the evenings after work. The introduction of other, more unconventional materials such as hosiery, Meccano and shotgun cartridges reflect influence from various parts of the artist’s life.


‘zeropointsixsixrecurring…’ is a combination of influences from the artist’s very first memory to the present time, but looking forward as well as backwards.